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Silver Dealership & Coin Shops Sales Call … This is WHY I Do This!

I like to Call Regional Coin Shops and Silver Bullion Dealers all over the U.S. and see what their Silver Cost is … What do they Spend For Silver Coins and Silver Round … what do they offer things like Silver Eagles and 90% Scrap Silver?

In this video, I review some remarks from my newest video where I called around various Coin Shops and Silver Bullion dealerships around the U.S. to attempt and offer my $100 Stated value bag of 90% Silver Quarters! I respond to why I do the calls that method that I do, and why I do not expose the name and area of the stores along with masking their voice!

Here’s a Link to that video!

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Silver Dealership & Coin Shops Sales Call … This is WHY I Do This!

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14 thoughts on “Silver Dealership & Coin Shops Sales Call … This is WHY I Do This!

  1. Everyone on YouTube says go to LCS. It’s crap. If you just want weight do research online. You’ll pay less and they’ll deliver it to your doorstep. No traffic, no gas, no smug asshole shop owner

  2. Wow. Some of the comments are ignorant you are teaching people that are new to stacking and people can’t see the information for what it is. Like I said on the 12× video. These videos are by far my favorite videos that you make.

  3. Great job, as usual. My local LCS here in Spring Hill, Fl. also has a YouTube channel. He regularly posts his buy sell for total transparency and is really fair. For that reason I give him my business even if I can do better. He gets my five nickels.

  4. Silver Seeker I agree with you 100%! The bottom line is no different buying a car or selling a car shop around or call around, Silver/Gold no different.

  5. People need to understand that you are educating them as to how and deal with LCS’s. It would be pointless to be some sort of consumer “avenger”. Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish…..

  6. It makes no sense that constitutional silver is so expensive now days. Most places are still selling it for 20 times face Wich is completely ridiculous. That’s waaaaay over spot. It should be around 17 times face Wich In today’s market would be like $3 over spot. There’s a reason constitutional silver used to be cheaper than 999 and it’s because when they buy it back from you your going to get way less because it’s not pure so if it goes to the wholesalers then they need to refine it into 999. This 20 times face nonsense is complete bs. I feel bad for anyone willing to pay more then $3 over for constitutional.

  7. I went into my LCS here in Toronto with some “collectible” Canadian silver coins from the 1950’s. The owner offered me less than spot. I asked him if he was a bullion dealer or coin dealer, thanked him and left, never to return. I understand the reality of a bricks and mortar business and all the associated overheads, but it is easy to see why online shopping has become the norm. Trouble is, S&H has increased along with transaction fees, making it hard work to get an honest price anywhere. I have always been a collector rather than a stacker, so I don’t feel any pressure to sell, but I think your channel is uniquely useful in showing the reality of LCS’s.

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